Progress of the Atwater mares

As soon as we were able to get the mares here at Zia, we were able to do a much more thorough assessment of their condition.  The vet has assessed each of them as well.  

Roxanne, the beautiful white mare which had the temporal lumps we were concerned about, has Melanoma.  Unfortunately this is not curable, but we are committed to giving her a few happy and pain-free years of freedom here in our herd.

Bella, the appaloosa with the injured foot, was determined to spend her life grazing, and as such will most likely not be adoptable.  We will give her a life at Zia and work with the vet to find out how much we can improve her hoof ailment.

Rose (Bella’s baby) and Santana (dark grey) are doing very well. Both are putting on weight, are happy, and play quite a bit. Santana will be trained this summer and will be adoptable probably in fall. Both accept halters and can be lead.  

We are so appreciative of those of you that have helped us remove these horses from such a dire situation.  We’ll try to capture some video of them playing in the pasture.  They seem so full of gratitude for their new found freedom and care.  This was only possible with your help! They thank you, we thank you!

The Zia Team