The Pick-up of the Atwater Mares

Stage 1 Complete:  The Atwater mares have fresh water and fresh hay and are now at Zia Sanctuary.  As you can see from their behavior in the video, they are literally jumping for joy.  Thank you all who supported this first stage.  We are touched by your generosity.

Now we address their health.  And once again we need your help.  Your donations will go directly to the veterinary services and costly medicines for these horses to treat infections, worms, skin diseases, and possible melanoma.  Any donation is appreciated, even if you can only spare $5, it will help.   CLICK the link at the bottom of the post and please give what you can.  

Thank you: Marilyn and Doug for caring for them until we could arrange a pick up. Bonnie and Mark who helped and transported them to the sanctuary. All of you who supported this first stage.

Watch the video: