The Atwater Mares

Urgent help needed !

We’ve become aware of 4 horses in Saskatchewan than need immediate help. They have been left behind and have been without water for most of the winter. Neighbors noticing their plight, brought in some hay but the quality of the hay is questionable. All four are mares, though their ages are uncertain. One has a foal which is still nursing, putting a strain on both. The mother has a really bad foot injury that needs immediate attention.  Another mare has very swollen lymph nodes, which may indicate melanoma or strangles.  The coats on all fours suggest mites or flees.  All four most likely have worms, though we were unable to figure out yet which type.  

Zia staff has been to the site and we did our best to assess their condition.  We administered medication to the mare with the swollen nodes.  

The immediate need is to get clean hay and water to these horses.  After that, we need to get them medical attention to address their injuries, illnesses and worms.  We can not bring them to Zia Sanctuary until we have ruled out Stranges which is highly contageous.    

This is your opportunity to help.  Zia cannot rescue these horses without your support, the costs will be just too high.   We know times are not easy with the corona virus spreading around the globe, but this situation is urgent.  Please open your heart and help theses beautiful souls end their misery and move to a better life. 

Please watch the video!!!