Henry’s life

“My name is Henry.Henry I remember when I was little there was mom. She was  beautiful and I loved her very much. After I poked my eye on something sharp and lost it, she protected me and I felt safe. One day people came and loaded me in a trailer and we drove to a different place. I was scared and I was calling for her but she was gone. There were a few other animals at the new place but none of them looked like me. I was sad. Nobody noticed that I was sad. After a while everybody was leaving, all four legged and two legged creatures and I was all alone. I was waiting for a very long time. I was sad every day and still missed mom. Then other people came and picked me up and after a short ride they opened the trailer and I felt like I was in paradise. There were about 50 other animals that looked just like me. Maybe I would find mom amongst them. I ran as fast as I could to say “hi” to my new friends but they chased me away. What did I do wrong? I tried again, over and over, but they considered me as unsocial, pushy and weird. Maybe because I just have one eye and I am holding my head crooked all the time? I waited and one day they accepted me. I had a new family and that made me very happy!” – Henry

Henry (on far right) with his friends.

Henry has been in our care now for over 10 years. As he was not in the company of other horses from a weanling until he was 4, he didn’t know how to speak his own language or how to socialize with other horses. It took 4 months until the herd accepted him. Since that day he was the one who welcomed all newcomers to the herd.

Unfortunately he hurt his remaining eye a few years ago and lost most of his vision. Luckily he has his 2 best friends who guide him wherever they go. 

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